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Henry in London


Ein englischer Zuschauer hat Henry gesehen. Hier sein Kommentar:

....But the best moment for me was the first blind runner through.

It was just before the water station at the top of Southwark Park, just where Jamaica Rd starts.  Cord tied to his running mate, a group of 4 or 5 others guys with them.  Some people running up front gently making space, others checking back, "does our runner want water?" and others backing up.

A perfect running moment.

P.S. does anyone know who the blind / partially sighted runner was? He is a black guy and his companion runner was black too, the team included white guys (my intention is to be descriptive not race specific). I have tried searching but I haven't been able to find anything out about him or them but would love to know more and perhaps bung a few quid to whatever charity supported them or they were supporting.

All my searches seem to end up in people supporting charities for the blind and, errrm, later down the list blind runners (all credit to them, of course).  I'd really like to know more if anyone has any info.....

...I suspect that he was Henry Wanyoike from Kenya, on his way to setting a new world best for a blind marathon (2 hours 32).  There was an article interviewing him on the BBC world service 'Outlook' program - listen to Mondays edition...

....Excellent link, thank you, JamesB

I'll add


Am Tag nach dem unerwarteten Weltrekord machen Henry und Joseph eine Stadtbesichtigung
Henry vor der Towerbridge
Joseph ist das Auge von Henry, er erklärt Henry die Sehenwürdigkeiten
Henry streichelt das Pferd eines Gardesoldaten
Die Gardesoldaten vor dem Buckingham Palace haben eine beeindruckende Größe







Buchtitel: Mein langer lauf ins Licht

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