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Freundeskreis Henry Wanyoike


On April 19th, 2005 the Circle of Friends "henry4gold" was founded.

The idea of the foundation is to draw attention to Henry Wanyoike´s story and to support his social projects. The foundation collects donations for the projects and Henry´s wages.

One of Henry´s projects is a school in the slums of Kikuyu. 55 children learn there, and need food. The teachers are paid by Henry. He takes care of children with health problems and wants to offer them a prespective for their futures. He helps out in the recovery department at the Kikuyu Eye Hospital and gives the people there hope. Also, he pays for eye operations for blind children. Their parents could not afford the operation and travel costs. Together with the church he feeds poor people in the slums. In his knitting factory he educates blind people, so they play a role in society again and don´t have to depend on their families financially.

In the foundation, Henry´s friends from different professional backrounds work together. Everyone who wants to support the foundation can join . The activities are published under ? Henry´s projects ".

Henry Wanyoike thanks all his friends who help him promote his projects in Kenia and give him the chance to encourage the needy in the world.


Rolf Meyer, Manager of Marketing & Sales Sennheiser: "We are proud to be able to contribute to Henry´s projects. By now, the school in his home town has been built and children are learning there. We hope that many companies will follow our example."


Oliver Kusch, owner of "As a sports-fan I would like to support Henry as well as I can. My financial possibilities are not as large as those of large companies, but I hope that I can help by encouraging others to invest like me. "


Heiko Steffen, Olympus Germany: "We are glad to help marathon runner Henry Wanyioke´s projects and proudly present him an Olympus Digital Camera C-50 Z."


Heinz-Gerhard Wilken, Speaker of the Insurance Group HanseMerkur: "When we found out, that Henry wants to use the money for his project for children in Kikuyu, we didn´t hesitate to donate something."


Stefan Becker, Spokesman , Sparkasse Hannover: "On the initiative of Hanovarian journalists and Bengt Pflughaupt, who wrote Wanyioke´s biography, the foundation ?henry4gold - Circle of Friends Henry Wanyioke" has been created. This foundation wants to increase Wanyioke´s caritative help. They need a bank account to do so - the Sparkasse Hannover will sponsor this account for one year.


A donator: "I heard about Henry at the Hamburg marathon. I was so touched by his story that I wanted to donate something for his projects."


A donator: "I found out about Henry and his work on television. I´d like to know, whether Henry has a bank account where I can donate money for needy children."


A donator: "It was a great honour to see Henry Wanyioke, his guide Joseph and Bengt Pflughaupt. I find Henry´s projects remarkable in our egotistical world and I was impressed that you adressed me personally. I decided spontaneously   to do something for these projects. Since I paint as a hobby, I decided to auction one of my pictures and donate the money to Henry´s projects."  


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Wolfgang Jochum, Spokesman of the Christoffel Mission for the Blind: "To me, Henry is a phenomenon. He is not only a flawless sportsman, he is also a great person. Even though he has been in the spotlight for the last few months and always gets congratulated - Henry is still down to earth, nice and honest. The word he uses most is ?Thanks". He also always knows how to express himself correctly when talking about his Christian belief: self confident, but without pathos or exaggerated fervour. That is why I am especially happy that Henry also fights for blind people in Germany and works together with the Christoffel Mission for the blind."

Hi Henry, i was one of the girls at the run last saturday who asked for a hug. My name is Rie, and i am half japanese and half american. I go to Yokohama international school (your speech was great! all the girls in the row behind me were going "kawaiii!" which just means "Cute!" it's a good thing, dont worry.) well i have to go eat dinner now, but i just want to say thank you for coming to Japan! i have donated to seeing is believing through my friend Cohl, whose mom works at Standard Chartered. I think she emailed you. Anyway, thank you very much, and i will strive to be the best at what i do. Please tell Joseph i said hi.



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Bengt Pflughaupt erzählt die unglaubliche Geschichte von Henry Wanyoike - nachzulesen in der Biographie "Henry Wanyoike. Mein langer Lauf ins Licht"

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