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Wanyoike and Kibunja on an inspirational run

21 January 2011

Khaleej Times Online
DUBAI — Visually-impaired athlete Henry Wanyoike and his long-time running partner Joseph Kibunja shall take to the emirate’s streets on Friday aiming to raise awareness of preventable blindness.

Wanyoike, the world record holder for the 5,000m and 10,000m at the Athens 2004 Olympics, and Kibunja will run the 10km race as goodwill ambassadors for ‘Seeing is Believing’ – Standard Chartered Bank’s global community programme, which aims to help 20m people around 20 cities to avoid any preventable loss of sight.
“Armed with courage and determination, we have been participating at most of the Standard Chartered Marathons globally since 2003 and we are really excited about the upcoming Dubai Marathon,” said Wanyoike, who – through a tether on his wrist – is totally dependent on Kibunja to steer his path safely along the route.
“We will continue our efforts to raise awareness about avoidable blindness and the ‘Seeing is Believing’ programme and are committed to share our story to inspire generations around the world.”
Wanyoike lost 95 per cent of his vision in 1995 after a stroke, with the remainder gradually diminishing downwards over the next few years.
Nonetheless, that physical impediment hasn’t stopped his ambitions in athletics – or in life generally – and the CEO of Standard Chartered UAE, Jeremy Parrish, hopes Wanyoike’s story resonates in some forthcoming school visits. “Henry and Joseph’s participation in the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is a celebration of partnership that demonstrates courage and trust,” he added.
“Their efforts truly embody the Bank’s values and support our aim to combat preventable blindness across developing markets.
“I would like to take this opportunity to wish them good luck at the race and hope their participation and visits will inspire UAE youth.”
Wanyoike and Kibunja will share running trips with students, as well as motivational sessions, with Wanyoike explaining how he has managed to overcome adversity and Kibunja extolling how partnership is pivotal in achieving things that had previously seemed impossible.
The inspirational duo will also be accompanied by 62-year-old Stuart Horsewood, a Standard Chartered director, who will be running in his 103rd marathon.
Meanwhile, event organisers are expecting a record turnout for this year’s three runs with more than 14,000 participants scheduled to descend on Dubai Media City for the big day. (Alex Leach)


It is with dear sorrow that we Henry Wanyoike Foundation announce the death of Mr. Bengt Pflughaupt on 28th October 2009 from Germany. Bengt has been a personal friend of Mr. Henry Wanyoike and he is the author of first biography of Wanyoike in German language – LONG RUN TO THE LIGHT, and a member of the friendship circle of Wanyoike. His demise was a shock to Henry as they had just had a wonderful chat over the phone and planned a meeting the following day in Austria but it was not to be.

We take this opportunity Mr. Hendry Wanyoike and Henry Wanyoike Foundation fraternity to send condolences to the immediate family of beloved Bengt, relatives and friends.

We thank the Lord for having known Bengt, having worked with him in our charity initiatives and also at personal level.


Henry Wanyoike
Henry Wanyoike Foundation

Theresia`s HOUSE OF HOPE

It was a wonderful day on 2nd July 2009 for Henry and Joseph when they started clearing the land where "Theresia`s House of Hope" is to be built. Together with the youth they were able to clear the bush and also do the fencing of the land.
It’s a dream come true because that’s what we have been wishing for. Very soon the foundation will be laid off. ...see the pictures...

Henry gives tooth brushes to schoolkids

The toothbrushes were sponsored to henry wanyoike foundation during the hope for the future run. Henry has been going round the schools giving them to the children. Gicharani primary school is one of the schools. ...see the pictures...


The Kenya Oriental half marathon took place on 5 th July 2009 at Parklands Sports Club. Henry and Joseph attended the event though they did not participate they were able to motivate the young people to keep the good spirit, stay healthy, eat well and never to give up.

The race was sponsored by the Kenya oriental insurance. Also present was the coach of Olympic marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru. The theme of the race was to promote a healthy lifestyle. ...see the pictures...


Naomi Wangi By Naomi Mwangi - Agriculture in Kenya has been the backbone of our economy. Most people in Kenya depend on farming of crops or dairy farming. Dairy farming is mainly practiced by the small scale farmers who keep one to two cows where they sell the milk so as to get their income.

Broadside diaries are one of the largest dairy that produces a lot of milk that is used countrywide. Each and every year they organize a show/seminar where they educate people on how to take care of the cows, so as to get a better yield. They had presented different types of breeds including two imported bulls.
Henry and Joseph also attended the show as they are also farmers back at home. They also have dairy cows in the "Cows4Kenya" Project that they keep. They too needed to know more on how to keep good breeds of cows and know the type of food that they are fed on so as they can produce more milk.
The Olympic marathon champion Mr. Samuel Wanjiru was also not left behind, he was at the show to be educated more on how to rear dairy cattle’s. It was a wonderful week because many people got to know more on how to keep dairy cows....see the pictures...


By Naomi Mwangi - Having a clean environment and being away from pollution is all that every one would like to have.
On Saturday 18th June 2009 Henry joined a youth group known as Street nizers for a walk and cleaning of the Karuri shopping centre. The walk was to cover 3km that is from Karuri Shopping Centre to Gacharage Secondary school. The young people decided to clean up their shopping centre because the place was full of garbage and they was poor health sanitation which could cause disease.
Henry advised the young people to always keep the environment clean because by keeping it clean they would stay healthy from air/water bone diseases. They also planted trees at the area to remember that day. Also present was Mr. Kenya Victor Mugambi 2008/2009 who joined the young people in keeping the environment clean.

8000 particapants at the RUN FOR HOPE 2009


The Henry Wanyoike Hope for the future run took place on the 6th June 2009. the race was divided into three categories:
1st category was juniors (13-16yrs), Seniors (17-44yrs) and physically challenged from Wangige to Kikuyu township primary which was covering a 7.5kms

2nd category Veterans (over 45 yrs) from Muthure to Kikuyu township primary covering a 3kms

3rd category Children (6yrs-12yrs) from Gitaru to Kikuyu township primary covering a 1.5kms.

The main chief guest was the U.K High Commissioner who flagged of the main race starting from Wangige to Kikuyu which covered 7.5kms. The children race was flagged off by Olympic marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru assisted by Henry, while the veterans were flagged of by our member of parliament\assistance minister Lewis Nguyai assisted by the UK High Commissioner.
The main reason for organizing the race is to keep hope; even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges just the same way Henry over came his blindness. The race attracted over 8000 participants and 5000 spectators. The event also attracted many dignitaries, government officials and the community at large

The money that was raised will be divided into various charity work within the Henry Wanyoike foundation which include: Disability, Cow Project, Environment, Education and Youth empowerment through motivational talks.
The winner of the 7.5km Senior men was Evans Mayoyo while the ladies was Mary Ngendo. The physically challege wheelchair race for men was won by Nicholas Munga while Elizabeth Atieno won the ladies category.

The main theme of the race was: "I might have lost my sight but not my Vision" (Henry Wanyoike)....see the pictures...


Henry wanyoike foundation is also involved in giving motivation talks to the young people. Henry has really become a role model to many of the young people and the old. End of mai, when Henry and Joseph came back from Germany they have been having a busy schedule visiting schools and institutions motivating the students.

During the week they visited over six learning institutions named Muhu primary and secondary, Thogoto primary, Kikuyu day secondary, and Kiragari high school. The young people had a lot of questions for Henry wanting to know when he started running, what inspired him, achievements and the challenges that he undergoes.

Henry has always had the desire to run since childhood. His role model was Kipchoge Keino who was the first Kenyan and African to win a gold medal in the Olympics. Henry also desired to represent Kenya in the international events.   When he lost his sight at the age of 19 years old due to a mild stroke he never lost his vision of running. He started running in the year 2000 at the Sidney Paralympics where he won a gold medal in the 5000m the T11 category. Henry holds more than ten medals.

Team work and determination from Henry and Joseph is what has really helped them achieve more. Henry also encouraged the students not to endulge themselves in drug taking which will result in them dropping out of school. He encouraged them to stay healthy and do a lot of exercise. Henry also talked to the students about H.I.V. and Aids where he warned them not to engage them selves in unprotected sex. They should abstain and focus in their education to achieve their goals in life. The students were very happy for the encouragements they got from Henry and promised to follow his footsteps. Henry has always had a motto that he lost his sight but not his visions.


Henry wanyoike foundation is involved in many activities, one being conserving the environment. Twenty years ago Kenya had 14% coverage of forest but today it is only 2 % which is as a result of cutting down of trees without planting more. This has really resulted in minimal rainfall, and draught.

During the valentines day when the whole world was celebrating their loved ones, Henry and Joseph were at karura forest one of the largest forest in Kenya, located at kiambu district, they joined the U.N.E.P in planting trees which had been completely felled off. The main theme was a “Tree for Love” . When you plant a tree for a loved one it will always remind you of the nature you have taken care of.

In March Henry and Joseph also planted trees at the abadare forest in Kirita,kiambu district, our aim was to plant 10,000 trees in one day which they achieved with the help of the youth groups. The other day when Henry and Joseph came back from Germany that was on Thursday 21 st may they were at kikuyu township primary school where they planted trees with the school children, these tress will in future provide shade and a cool environment for studying.

“When the air is fresh you are able to run well without any difficulties” those were Henrys words. Thats why he likes conserving the environment and it has really helped him. When you cut down one tree do remember to plant two more and do not destroy nature coz nature will never forgive you.

...see the pictures...

Henry Wanyoike an example to all

Sunday, February 08, 2009

When Henry and Joseph finished third in the half marathon they could hear the crowds cheering them. Wanyoike crossed the line in 78 minutes and then exclaimed "good, good, good" when asked what he thought of his achievement.

Wanyoike, who has only recently recovered from a serious car accident, said he was very happy to take part in the event because he was aware his presence would inspire other visually handicapped people to believe in themselves.

"Every step we take, we are making a difference," he said. "By just being here and running with everyone else will help give confidence to others." Wanyoike noted that as he progressed along the route many people, including other runners, stopped to cheer him on. "Some forgot they were running themselves," he laughed. "Even if I didn't win the race, I feel like I had won because of all the cheers. I am also proud of my time at one hour and 18 minutes. That's a very good time."

Even though weather conditions were not ideal and Wanyoike and Kibunja felt the humidity, they crossed the city without incident. "During one of the tunnel crossings, I found it hard to breathe," Wanyoike said, but apart from that the pair mastered the course as they did when winning gold at the Sydney and Athens Paralympics and bronze in Beijing last year.

The two men had been in Hong Kong for the past week to promote the event. Wanyoike said, his goal is to "serve as an inspiration" to individuals, and to make them believe in themselves and their abilities. "In times of financial crisis, when people are thinking about giving up, I hope to give them encouragement to go on," he said.

Two more cows for the "Cows 4 Kenya" Project

The Project, which began through the help of Boris Becker is groving: One sunday in January 2009 was a unforgertable day for a very needy family at Karai in Kikuyu (Kenya) that benefitted through a cow donation from Mr. and Mrs. Ramesh family. The needy family has eight kids and also looks after another eight kids who are orphans. The father is a masonary and the mother a house wife and are among the internally displaced persons in kenya from rift valley. This gesture from Ramesh family is a life changing that will transform the life of this family. We hope more people, families will donate towards this project. Big "thank you" to Ramesh family

henry wanyoike
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This is the familie that Henry donate a cow courtesy of Mr and Mrs Murugu family on december 15th 2008. The family is needy and it has been relying from there father who is a masonary and when casual jobs are not forthcoming.

Sometimes they had to go to bed on empty stomachs. But now with the kind gesture of the family we see a change in there lifes.

The women who welcomed Henry and celebrated towards the kind gesture of the cow donation.
Joseph Kibunja, Henrys guide with the cow that was donatet to the family.
The benefeciary of cow donation posing with the cow.

Individual Projects - Post election violence

After the December 2007 general election the outcome of the elections results were heavily disputed between the running contenders thus plunging the country into violence between the party supporters. The result of the violence was a loss of over 1,200 lives and over 350,000 internally displaced persons and destruction of properties and business.

In Kikuyu the home of Henry Wanyoike were held over 1,000 IDPs in makeshifts camps and other hosted by well-wishers across the division. These people needed clothings and food, through Henry Wanyoike Foundation we mobilized clothing and foodstuff and were visited Kirathimo camp and donated clothing and foodstuff worth over Kshs 50,000.

Individual Sponsorship - Small businesses

Samuel Miingi used to do casual jobs in the neighbourhood and the limited income couldn’t sustain his needs as well as cater for his ailing mother. Henry Wanyoike assisted him to start a charcoal selling business which now sustains most of their basic needs.


Henry Wanyoike 3rd annual Hope for the Future Run...

...will be held on 30th May 2009 and he will dedicate the month by conducting various activities to promote sports among youth and community at large for good health as well as as sociol economic empowerment.

We would like to bring to your attention that the month of May within the foundation is dubbed “Month of Hope” and we conduct various activities as we commemorate Henry’s anniversary after he became blind (1st may 1995) as well as his actual birthday (10th may).

Some of these activities are, orphans visits, tree planting, schools motivational talks among others. The climax of the month we organize a 7.5 KMs run under the name “HENRY WANYOIKE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE RUN” and which we are seeking for sponsorship partners and individual donations.

The run’s main objective is to engage and motivate the youth, to remain steadfast and hopeful that they can make it in life without indulging in negative ways but through challenging odds of life like how Henry has challenged his disability.

During the last two years (2007 and 2008) we held the run and it attracted more than 5000 and 6000 participants respectively and over 10,000 fans and various guests across the board. the run attracts both local and international media coverage and covered live in local radio stations.

The run will be held on Saturday 30th May 2009 at Kikuyu town, Kenya (hometown of Henry Wanyoike)

The categories of the run will be: -* Children – 11/2 kms – (6-12yrs)* Physically challenged – 7.5 kms (wheelchair/visually impaired)* Juniors – 7.5kms – (13- 16yrs)* Veterans or wazee – 7.5kms over 50yrs* Seniors – 7.5 kms – 17-49yrs

You can sponsor in kind or cash.

NB: All the proceeds raised from the run will go directly to a long term project for Henry Wanyoike Sports Academy. For further details on how you can make your donations/sponsorship contact Gideon on +254 721 249 468, 20 206 5936 or Wanyoike on 722 269 664, 20 3535 616
or mail:

The Christian Blind Mission celebrates the 100-year aniversary.

Here the congratulation from Henry:


To The Director

CBM, Germany

Dear Sir/Madam,


Greetings from Henry Wanyoike Foundation.

I would like to convey my heartfelt congratulations as you celebrate 100 years of great achievements. The road to this greatness has not been smooth as we may think but it has been through determination, hard work and above all a passion and love for people with disability.

The CBM is one of the organizations that has internalized and equalized the roles and rights of people with disability and how much they can achieve with little assistance, we only need our space so that we can life normally like the rest.

I have been and always will be privileged having worked hand in hand with you in fundraising and as CBM good will ambassador. This has been a wonderful experience and also an eye opener to me and to others on how little we can do and how much we can change through little things and time if all of us can sacrifice.

CBM has not only grown from just an organization but has become a household name in many countries in terms of assistance and services they give and above been in tenets and deep rooted in Christian values thus giving a lot of confidence to people and organization seeking partnerships or the donors knowing that there is a lot of transparency, accountability and integrity in all projects

I would like to retaliate that the vision 2020 (right to sight) is achievable and we hope the 37 million mark of people with avoidable blindness will be eliminated.

Life is a marathon and CBM has proofed that, but as we start the next marathon lets still be focused and ride higher on the 100 years of changing lives .I will always be there to support your work whenever needed. Thank you and once again I congratulate you in this great anniversary ...... HONGERA CBM 100 years

GOD BLESSES and warm regards to all the staff from the director to the lowest cadre without your efforts all CBM couldn't be there it is today.

Yours in service,

Henry Wanyoike


Henry Wanyoike Foundation is a registered organization named after and by Henry Wanyoike the visually impaired (blind) athlete. Wanyoike is the world record holder of 5,000 and 10,000 meters in Paralympics of Athens - Greece and Australia Olympics among other International marathons

I have lost my sight but I haven't lost my vision***


Nairobi Marathon organisers hope to beat last year’s mark

Kenya Paralympics gold medallist Henry Wanyoike leads the Kenya members of the Greatest Race on Earth team to a tour of Thika School for the blind yesterday. The GROE team will feature in the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon on Sunday.

From 7,500 participants in 2003 to 15,000 last year, the Nairobi Marathon promises to surpass the mark as the Sunday race draws near. The marathon has grown in leaps and bounds and this year’s seems not to be any different.

“This is a huge achievement and it’s one event that the whole country has come to be associated with over the years,” said Standard Chartered corporate affairs Manager, Ann Kabugi. “Over the years, the numbers of registered runners has been on the rise. This shouldn’t be different for the weekend race. We are hoping to break the 15,000 mark,” noted Kabugi.

“As usual, we want to give all willing participants the chance to be part of this great event. We are registering runners at all Standard Chartered Bank branches countrywide as well as in leading supermarkets and shopping malls,” adviced Kabugi.

At the same time, Kenya’s Paralympic gold medallist Henry Wanyoike was joined by Kenyan Greatest Race on Earth team runners Philemon Yarasia, John Kelai and Emma Muthoni on a visit to the Thika School for the Blind to help raise awareness for Seeing is Believing, the official partner for the 2008/09 GROE.

Seeing is Believing (SiB), which tackles avoidable blindness, has been named as the official partner for GROE for the first time.

A partnership between Standard Chartered and the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), SiB has raised $17 million to date and aims to invest a further $20 million by 2014 into 20 underprivileged urban areas to help 20 million people.

Henry Wanyoike said: “Having gone blind virtually overnight, I know from personal experience how tough it is growing up being visually impaired. I am goodwill ambassador for Seeing is Believing and the Christian Blind Mission (CBM). Seeing is Believing is the official partner of The Greatest Race on Earth 2008/09. The Money fron the Nairobi-Marathon will be given to CBM-projects in Kenya”

The GROE, will start its fifth series with the Nairobi Marathon on Sunday with Kenya’s men’s and women’s teams looking to defend the titles they have won for the last four years.

The gruelling running challenge, sponsored by Standard Chartered and has one of the richest prize funds in world athletics of $1 million, is the ultimate test of teamwork and endurance.

Teams of four runners each compete in one of the four marathons, with the winning team being the one with the quickest cumulative time.

Bronze for Henry, Silver for his friend Francis

Kenya bagged its first medals at the Beijing Paralympics Games when Francis Karanja Thuo and Henry Wanyoike the goodwill ambassador for Seeing is Believing and Christian Blind Mission grabbed silver and bronze in the T-11 class 5,000 metres final.
Wanyoike failed to defend his title after China’s Zhang Zhen won the gold medal in 15 minutes, 27.35 seconds. Thuo took the silver in 15 minutes, 32.28 seconds, finishing ahead of Wanyoike’s 15:47.17.
Henry won the gold at the 2004 Paralympics in Athens when he ran his world record in 15:11.07.
Now Henry is hoping to get the gold medal in the Marathon event. He does not run the10.000m on 14th, because he will concentrate on the marathon on september 17th. Both is too much. Francis will do the 10.000m.

Congratulation and God Luck, Henry and Francis!

Kenya's Paralympics team leaves for Beijing

A team of 13 competitors and five running guides will leave august 28th for Beijing ahead of the kick off of the Paralympic games to be held from September 7th in China.

The contingent consists of star studded athletes among them 2004 paralympics 10,000 and 5,000m gold medallist and world record holder Henry Wanyoike, the 2002 paralympic games Javelin gold medallist Mary Nakhumicha among others. Sports assistant minister Wavinya Ndetti assured the squad of government's support and urged them to strive to do the country proud. The team which will leave the country courtesy of Qatar Airways will be led by Chief De mission Jairus Mogallo.

Qatar Airways sales manager Agnes Kamatu while speaking during the presentation of the air tickets and kits to the team at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani said that the carrier will continue supporting sports in the country.

The team was urged to emulate the Kenyan contingent currently in Beijing which is striving to put Kenya on the global sporting map.


Henry Wanyoike and the Kenyan paralympic team ready for games

The Kenya national paralympic team for the Beijing Olympics is happy that it has enough time to train before the games next month. The athletes, who are in Eldoret with their coach Herina Malit for training, said this will ensure adequate preparation before the games.

The team is being managed by the Department of Sports because a court case has torn the Paralympic body into two factions, one run by Douglas Sidialo and Ronald Milare. "Now we have almost a month to train. The team is upbeat and I am sure that when we are through with training, they will bag more medals," said Malit.

Henry Wanyoike arrived on 22nd of Juli in the Kipchoge Keino High Performance Training Centre where the team has pitched camp. He was in China for a TV- event before. During the Beijing Games, the team will participate in the 400m, 800m and 1500m, 5,000m to 10,000m races as well as marathon. Henry will do 5 K, 10 K and the Marathon.

The coach said the athletes were happy with the training in Eldoret whose weather she described as superb. "Although we think the heavy rains pounding Eldoret will sometimes disrupt our training sessions, the good thing is that we have ample time to conduct training," she said. Malit said the first week will be used in conditioning the athletes before they train in their respective disciplines.

The paralympic team will change the place at the end of the month. The will go to the national training area in Nairobi-Kasarani near the big stadium until the journey to China.

After the games Henry will visit the Christian Blind Mission in Germany and if possible, he will take part on a 10K run in Berlin on 12th of october.

Henry Wanyoike´s Report The Hope for the Future Run was very successful. Click the picture beside and read Henry´s Text (pdf)

Henry Wanyoike Hope for the Future Run

Henry Wanyoike 2nd annual Hope for the Future Run will be held on 31st May 2008 and he will dedicate the month by conducting various activities to promote and preach peace to the youth and community at large due to the post election violence that engulfed the country(Kenya).

We would like to bring to your attention that the month of May within the foundation is dubbed “Month of Hope” and we conduct various activities as we commemorate Henry’s anniversary after he became blind (1st may 1995) as well as his actual birthday (10th may).

Some of these activities are, orphans visits, tree planting, schools motivational talks among others. The climax of the month we organize a 7.5 KMs run under the name “HENRY WANYOIKE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE RUN” and which we are seeking for sponsorship partners. The run’s main objective is to promote and motivate the youth, to remain steadfast and hopeful that they can make it in life without indulging in negative ways but through challenging odds of life like how he has challenged his disability.

Last year (2007) we held the run and it attracted more than 5000 participants and over 10,000 fans and various guests across the board. The chief guest was German Ambassador Walter J. Lindner. The run also had a live coverage from local stations, Coro, Kameme and Inooro Fms and wide coverage including international media CNN. Due to the post election violence that has engulfed our country we will dedicate the month in calling and Preaching for Peace and co existence of different communities. The run will be held on Saturday 31st May 2008 at Kikuyu town.(hometown of Henry Wanyoike)

The categories of the run shall be: -

Children – 11/2 kms – (6-12yrs)
Physically challenged – 7.5 kms (wheelchair/visually impaired)
Juniors – 7.5kms – (13- 16yrs)
Veterans or wazee – 7.5kms over 50yrs
Seniors – 7.5 kms – 17-49yrs

You can sponsor in kind or cash. Contact Gideon on + 254 721 249 468, 20 206 5936 or Wanyoike on 722 269 664, 20 3535 616 Your donations can be channeled through Henry Wanyoike Foundation kindly refer to the home page - donation

Or here: sponsoring Henry Wanyoike "RUN FOR HOPE"

HENRY WANYOIKE to be paralympic ambassador

After beeing ambassador for SEEING IS BELIEVING and Christian Blind Mission Henry Wanyoike has been chosen as a paralympic ambassador by the International Paralympic Committee.

This was announced by the IPC at the launch of its Paralympian Ambassador Programme recently.

The aim of this programme is to create a roster of top past and present paralympic athletes to act as ambassadors of the paralympic movement, in order to be role models for young people with and without disability and act as awareness and communication tools for the movement to enhance and increase its public profile.

Eleven paralympic athletes from all over the world have been chosen so far: Verena Bentele (GER, Nordic Skiing) Hou Bin (CHN, Athletics) Cheri Blauwet (USA, Athletics) Kirsten Bruhn (GER, Swimming) Muffy Davis (USA, Alpine Skiing) Michael Teuber (GER, Cycling) Tanni Grey-Thompson (GBR, Athletics) Ernst Van Dyk (RSA, Athletics) Esther Vergeer (NED, Wheelchair Tennis) Chris Waddell (USA, Alpine Skiing) Henry Wanyoike (KEN, Athletics).

All paralympian ambassadors have competed in at least one Summer or Winter Paralympic Games, have won at least one medal, represent the paralympic spirit and values, have been recommended by their respective National Paralympic Committee as a positive role model and have a clean record with regards to anti-doping and/or any other offences.

As ambassadors, these top athletes will be asked to represent the movement in various activities including motivational speeches at corporate gatherings or events of IPC partners, participation in awareness campaigns, including print, television or electronic, visit to IPC development or education programmes, presence at IPC events as well as media appearance.

During a two-days seminar, held at the IPC headquarters in Bonn, Germany, from February 7 to 8, the ambassadors will get to know each other, receive more information about the movement as well as test their interview skills during a media training.

Lake Naivasha Halfmarathon on 1st of december

The sponsoring of the Naivasha Halfmarathon, 10k wheelchair men and women, 5k joggers (above 40 yrs men and women and the 5k boys & girls (below 12 yrs) is for the building of the Disability Resource and Information Centre in Naivasha.

Wanyoike and friendsNaivasga Marathonflyer

John Nwangi (Coordinator), Henry Wanyoike, Tosphat Icemenia (Director), Stephan Tuw (Chairman). All are proud about the event and what they are doing.

All African Games: Gold and Silver for Henry Wanyoike

Juli 14th, blind runner Henry Wanyioke, with his guide Joseph Kibunja struggling to keep up, grabbed gold with a calculated run in the Paralympic 5,000m T11 in a time of 15.52.50 late on Saturday evening to successfully defend his Abuja title. He was followed home by compatriot Francis Thuo who finished with 15:52.72.

Juli 15th, Samuel Muchai led a Kenyan medal sweep in the race for the totally blind in 4:15.16 as Henry Wanyoike added silver in 4:22.01. Francis Thuo completed the haul in 4:22.51.




"Henry Wanyoike Hope for the Future Run" was held on 26 th May 2007 as one of the activities of the month of May, which is dubbed as the month of hope. This is the month that Henry Wanyoike celebrates his birthdays, one is commoration of the day he lost sight on 1 st May and also his birthday on 10 th May.

Henry Wanyoike: "The run was held as the climax of other activities like visiting the orphans, helping the needy like paying the hospital bill for a young girl aged 12 years  Ann Muthoni who was at the hospital for nine months and planting trees at Kirieta forest part of Aberdares forest where over 10,000 trees were planted as part of one billion trees campaign spearheaded by UNEP. The Foundation was   able to present a cheque of kshs 460,000 for a borehole project for Machakos Technical Institute For The Blind. We visited at least six schools giving motivational talks. Out of this event the director of Smart Media Institute Ms Gathoni Wamucomba offered four scholarships for the needy youth for mass communication courses."

The run main objective was for Henry Wanyoike through Henry Wanyoike Foundation to give a motivational talk on Hope to the youth and community at large to remain steadfast and also bring the community in an inter generation integration where old, young and disabled take part in an event with a common goal.

The run achieved its goals and also surpassed the numbers that was expected by the foundation. We had targeted two thousand participants but we had to cope with over eight thousand participants. The youngest was five years old and the oldest participant was 107 years grandmother and 80 years grandfather.


The event was graced by German ambassador Walter J. Lindner who flagged the senior´s race from Wangige and after joined the other distinguished guests at the prize giving ceremony at Kikuyu Township Primary School. Some of other guests were Mr. Nasser - Deputy director United Nations information center, Hon Paul Muite Member of Parliament Kabete, Mr. Martin Bernard - Exectutive director Alive and Kicking organization, Head of Coro Fm (Kenya broadcasting corporation) Jane Mumbi , Deputy commissioner of sports, Athletic Kenya representatives, Douglas Sidialo, chairman of the Kenya National Paralympic committee and many other media personalities from local radio stations and local musicians who entertained the crowd.


Henry Wanyoike: "The German Ambassador promised to run in the next year run as the community expressed that their wish was the event to become an annual event and as Henry Wanyoike Foundation we have taken this noble challenge."



Water for the Blind studends in Machacos



Second Bonn Marathon for Wanyoike

wanyoike IPC

Henry Wanyoike (Kenya) at the RheinEnergie Marathon in Bonn,
Photo: IPC

For the second time, Kenyan Paralympian Henry Wanyoike participated in the 7th RheinEnergie Marathon in Bonn, Germany, home of the International Paralympic Committee’s (IPC) Headquarters.

Wanyoike just missed his goal of breaking the world record for his class (T11, 2:37:43 hours). Up until kilometre 33, he and his guide, Joseph Gachui, were on track, but in the end had to pay tribute to the warm weather and the race profile. His time of 2:44:14 hours placed him 15th out of a field of 2,400 runners.

At the age of 21, Wanyoike irreparably lost his sight over night, when a stroke badly damaged his optic nerves. A top runner in high school before, he went through rehabilitation in a hospital run by the Christoffel Blindenmission (CBM), where he learned to become self-sufficient again and was able to return to Athletics.

Wanyoike is involved in numerous charity projects in Kenya and throughout the world. He works with the CBM, the Boris Becker Foundation, Light for the World and his own organization, the Henry Wanyoike Foundation.The IPC, in close collaboration with the CBM, arranged Wanyoike’s start at the RheinEnergie Marathon in Bonn. More than 9,000 participants ran through the streets of the city.

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Henry Wanyoike Foundation is a registered organization named after and by Henry Wanyoike the visually impaired (blind) athlete. Wanyoike is the world record holder of 5,000 and 10,000 meters in Paralympics of Athens - Greece and Australia Paralymoics. He is the fastest blind marathon- and halfmarathonrunner in the world. The foundations is mandated to raise funds for disabled, orphans and vulnerable children, youth and other needy in a society for socio economic empowerment, sports, disability aids, motivational forums/workshops, educational sponsorships among others. We would like to bring to your attention that we are organizing a 7.5 KMs run under the name "HENRY WANYOIKE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE RUN" and we are seeking for partners. The run's main objective is to promote and create awareness of importance of athletics as an alternative sport in Kikuyu division as well as Henry Wanyoike to give motivational talk to the youth, to remain steadfast and hopeful that they can make it in life without indulging in negative ways but through challenging odds of life like how he has challenged his disability. The run will be held on Saturday 26 th May 2007 from 7 am to 11 am at Kikuyu. The foundation is requesting for funds, to organize the above run. We look forward for your positive reply.

Yours sincerely,




The categories of the run shall be: -

  • Children - 1 1 / 2 kms
  • Physically challenged - 1 1 / 2 kms
  • Juniors - 3kms
  • Veterans or wazee - 3kms
  • Seniors - 7.5 kms
  • Corporate teams - 7.5 kms
Who wants to help Henry as a partner should send the money to the following account: "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE RUN" International bankaccount: "henry4gold" at Sparkasse Hannover,
BIC: SPKHDE2H, IBAN: DE32250501800900062525, write: "HOPE FOR THE FUTURE RUN" Who will take part at this run, inclusive training with Henry Wanyoike, should send a mail to everythink will be organised....


Fresh water, a kitchen and a fence for the Goodwillchildren
Report of Jörg Henning Meyer

wanyoike sign
The children of the Goodwillschool are pleased about the new kitchen, the fence and the water pipeline. Now it can be cooked at school
I could see Henry only three days when I was there. He went to Hong Kong, where he on Sunday, the 4.2.07 with Joseph gets the 4th place (1:14:08) in the halfmarathon.
Henry shows me the 24 cows and a few small calves (entire: 3 male, 3 female) of the “cows4kenya-project” . One cow died. But a calf was supplied by the first phase. The animals were all in a good condition.
The Goodwillcows I visited later together with the children. Here also one of the 6 calves had been born. A few cows will soon have a calve. The children had large respect for the cows, then they dared nevertheless to feed the animals.
Next day, before Henry´s departure we were informed about tree planting possibilities (treeplanting projects) at the Kenya Forrestry Research Institute. The technicians were inspired by Henrys “treeplanting projects” with the schools and assured to him any support. The clou: Each pupil takes over the sponsorship for the tree, which he plants and it is responsible for the fact that the tree always gets enough water.
Henry bought 4000 seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree. It is a true miracle tree.... see GOOGLE or: MORINGA OLEIFERA LAM The trees will be planted with the Thika School for the Blind and with the Machacos Blindschool, where Henry learned knitting and by pupils of other schools. - however those are the next projects...
When Henry had gone, I organized building of the water pipeline to the Goodwillschool, the fence for the school and the building of a small kitchen with cooking place. It began with the meeting of the important people: The supervisers, they are actually responsible that everything functions correctly. For the water pipeline there was the waterchairman Joseph. Joseph is about 70 years old and administers the whole water pipelines of this well project, he is the super-super-viser for the construction supervision, the man, who has then actual planning and supervision over the digging men.
More than 15 men worked, in order to manufacture the ditch of for instance 150m length. A “road” had to be crossed. That particularly cost much sweat.


For the fitting of the individual pipes was an locall expert . The adhesive, which it uses, connects also completely wet plastic tubes waterproof.


After two days work and wrongly ordered or bought material conversions the tap was attached and it sprayed first cloudy, then sourcefresh water from the cock. Now also all adults had radiating child eyes - as if it concerned a miracle.
Also the children were pleased about the cool wet.
Similar was the building of the fence: There was the foreman Gerald (superviser), who was responsible for material purchase. He made a competent impression. He was supervised by the member Boniface of the Goodwillcommunity and by the Chairman Charles of the Goodwillcommunity. The fence should have a gate, stairs and everything else. For the new built kitchen we procured a local charcoal furnace, a large pot for cooking and many cups for the children and everythimg what is needed in a kitchen.
One of the teachers cooks the tee with the fresh milk of the “Goodwill cows”
At the end everything was good: On my last day everything became finished and we had a small celebration with cookies, bread and tee with milk.
Now the children cannot move on the campus freely and it exist themselves a danger that they are started by an abandoned donkey truck or a car. In addition no more strangers are using the new toilets built by Henry. With the water the children wash their hands before the meal.
In addition, they take the water in bottles or in plastic bags (!) home in the Slum, where most of the families have no water. This concerns clean groundwater, that from a depth of approx. 200m is promoted
In or in front of the kitchen with the cooking place, the tap and the mess kit the children receive to each morning their tee with milk now. In the past there was often the problem that the milk of the Goodwill cows could not be cooked - if nobody ready explained itself. ...and then the children did not get their milk.... that is now past. The two teachers are responsible for the fact that everything functioned - now they are responsable to cook.


Dubai Marathon Henry starts over 10k and gets second place
Dubai, UAE - January 12, 2007, Held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and staged under the aegis of the Dubai Sports Council, the multi-national event will be the richest athletics meeting ever staged in the UAE with over $150,000 in prize money and two Toyota cars available to the runners.“The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon is one of the most popular events on the Dubai sporting and social calendar, and we’re expecting this year to be the biggest and best to date,” said Nigel Jones, CEO, Standard Chartered UAE. Making a difference will be those competing in the 3km race - also known as the 'Seeing is Believing' Fun Run – which will started at 10.30am. The charity run is designed to collect donations for the 'Seeing is Believing' charity which aims to restore sight to ten million people over the next three years. Henry Wanyoike (with Joseph Kibunja), Standard Chartered’s Global and Christian Blind Mission Goodwill Ambassador, got the second place in the 10km run (33:34 min).“We are delighted to see Henry competing in Dubai,” said Event Co-ordinator Peter Connerton. “He has won Paralymic gold medals, set world records been nominated for a Laureus World Sport Award and is a source of inspiration for thousands of partially-sighted and blind people.”

Henry Wanyoike for Dubai Marathon


Dubai: Henry Wanyoike, the current 5,000 and 10,000-metre Paralympic record holder, is set to return to Dubai for the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 10km race on January 12, 2007.

Wanyoike, widely regarded as the best visually-impaired runner of all time, was being groomed as one of Kenya's next generation of world-class middle-distance runners when he suffered a stroke in 1995, losing his vision overnight.

Since then, he has established himself as a pioneer in Paralympic athletics, setting the world marathon record for a visually-impaired runner in Hamburg in 2005 and winning either gold or silver in the marathon, half-marathon, 10km road race and in the 10,000, 5,000 and 1,500 metres during his career.

"Henry is a superb athlete and an inspirational character," said Niall McLoughlin, head of corporate affairs, Middle East and Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank. "We look forward to welcoming him back at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon - it's a massive endorsement of the event that an athlete of his quality continues to participate in the event."

January's marathon event promises to be the largest to date, with thousands of runners already registered across the three race categories: the 3km Seeing is Believing fun run; the 10km road race in which Wanyoike will participate and the full 42km marathon.

In addition to his own extensive charity work with visually-impaired people in Kenya, Wanyoike is Ambassador of the Christoffel Blind Mission and also a Goodwill Ambassador for Standard Chartered's Seeing is Believing global initiative, which aims to restore the sight of 10 million people worldwide.

African nations dominate Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon and the Greatest Race on Earth

The Greatest Race on Earth (GROE)is halfway run and leading the race to the next leg in Mumbai in January is Kenya whose runners dominated the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon run on December 3rd.In the men's event, defending champion Amos Tirop Matui of Kenya set a new record when he bettered his 2005 Singapore mark by almost a minute, breasting the tape with a time of 2:14.59s. Ethiopia's Ashebir Demissu finished eight seconds back in second spot (2:15.07s) while another Kenyan, Jote Abel Kirui, clinched the last spot on the podium with a time of 2:16.31s.

In the women's race, Salina Kosgei of Kenya dethroned last year's champion, Irina Timofeyeva, rewriting the Russian's record time of 2:34:42s set last year with a new mark of 2:31.53s. Timofeyeva took second place, while another Kenyan, Emily Kimuria, came in third.

Blind runner Henry Wanyoike and Joseph Kibunja (1:20:08 h)then made it a one-two for Kenya in the men's half marathon to demonstrate the gulf between the country and the rest of the world.


Henry gives back

From his journey to Korea, Henry brought some gifts for his former school. Machakos Technical Institut For The Blind is a college that rehabilates the visually impaired and also intergrates with other students who have sight.


Henry is seen in the picture making a donation of 50 whitecanes, 30 talking watches and magnifying lenses.


The lady spotted in the picture is the student captain Miss Easther Gathoni, who on behalf of the students who are vissually impaired receives the donation. The students were so happy... They entertained Henry through songs and dance. Henry was a former Student of the college.


Henry is sitting at the same place where he learned knitting when he got blind in 1995.

The college has different technical courses: woodwork, dressmaking, knitting and shoe making among others. It is a government college and Henry says the best in Kenya.

The director, Mr. Francis Saya was Henry´s first running-guide. He taeched Henry how to run. Now after ten years, Henry is visiting his director when ever there is a little time.

Machakos Blind Trade Training Centre
PO Box 112, Machakos 090100, Kenya.
Contact person: Francis Saya
Tel: +254 145 21295
Fax: +254 733 844 614
Activities: This institute trains blind and low vision adults in vocational skills i.e. carpentry, joinery, masonry, leatherwork, tannery and shoe-making, knitting and garment making at certificate level. General rehabilitation for the visually impaired forms another training component which includes: Orientation & Mobility, Braille, skills for independent living. The Institute works closely with N.G.O's.

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