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Henrys of projects in Kenya

cows4kenya project

The cows 4 Kenya project was initiated in 2006 targeting the first initial fifteen beneficiaries. The project was conceived by Henry Wanyoike and funded by Cleven-Becker-Foundation. The major goal was to empower the less fortunate in the society through a socio economic empowerment project that will make them self reliant and cater for their family basic needs. Today over forty three cows have been donated to various less fortunate families in Kanjeru and its environs in Kikuyu division. The project targets mostly the guardians offering care to orphans, families with disability, single mothers who are less fortunate and other needy families both in slums and in individual lands.


*To empower the families to become self reliant
*To supplement the casual jobs undertaken by the beneficiaries
*To cater for the basic needs of the family particularly the children

Project implementation

The project has been implemented and forty three beneficiaries have received the diary cows and also benefited by having cow sheds constructed for them.

Project impact

This is one of the projects that has received overwhelming support by the community in Kikuyu division due to its life changing effect on the families. The families that have benefited from the project were initially in very awkward situations where they solely depended on neighbours, relatives, NGOs and begging when casual jobs were not forthcoming. The heads of these families experienced financial constraints which went as far as not affording even one meal a day, resulting to malnutrition. Some of the children were not going to school due to lack of school fees and uniforms thus they resorted to begging and other unorthodox activities.

Now life has drastically changed for them and the children are quite healthy and playful. Psychologically the sole breadwinners were in state of depression not knowing where their next meal would come from but after receiving the cows they have a more regular source of income.

Most of the beneficiaries centre their lives around the animals as one way of self employment without necessarily going to look for casual jobs.

Nb: The first female calf is donated to another needy family and in this way there is a continuity of the project. Currently (jan. 2007) we have seven calves to donate.

Tangible impact

-The beneficiaries no longer rely on the help they used to get from the family

-Basic needs (Food, clothes and shelter)

-Saving for nursery fees/tuition fees for their children.

-Nutrients in milk contribute to a balance diet.


Joseph Mungai a father of three(handicapped) and a beneficiary said:

"I never thought at one time my life would change due to hardship I had gone through trying to raise my family but Wanyoike through unknown sources rescued me . I can now fully provide my family through the sale of milk and I have dedicated my life to this cow. I wish many more people can help Wanyoike with cows to reach to others who are like me"

Violet Muthoni:

"I didn't know where the next meal will come from when I had no cow ,the casual jobs were still not forthcoming but today I thank God that I don't worry I just need to know what I will cook for the family"


You can adopt and donate a cow to a needy family or you can help fundraise for more cows . A cow goes for around 700$ and a cowshed for 350$.

Bank account: "henry4gold", account: 900062525 Sparkasse Hannover, Hanover, Germany BLZ: 25050180
International bank account: BIC: SPKHDE2H, IBAN: DE32250501800900062525

Arm supply

Henry organizes together with the church from time to Events for arms in the Slums of Kikuyu. With Livemusik the needy ones at a place meet into the Slums. Tent tarpaulins protect against the sun. The minister spends bags with flour and other food. Henry finances a part of the relief work. And is as a star guest always locally.

Also obstructed with sprags and wheelchairs participate in the celebration.


A boy, who cannot go to the school, because a member of the family is blind and its assistance needs takes the food in receipt.


For Margret Henry took over the Patenschft. Margret is blind and goes on one of the CBM financed school for blind ones and Sehbehinderte. Henry provides for it, the Margret of books and write materials gets. It provides for which can drive it in holidays to your homeland village and to schulbeginn again back is. The family cannot apply the fahrgeld. As Henry engaged Germans do not support welfarable Sehbehinderte and blind ones, so that you get training.

Henry visited its godfather child Margret so often it can.

Star operations

Henry donates its erlaufenes money for star operations of children in the Kikuyu Eye hospital. Those are approx. 30€ for an operation. Of Henrys money also start to the hospital paid. The few can afford the far travel.

Henry meets a 6 months old child from Somalia in the Kikuyu hospital. It was blind from birth. By an operation at the grey star it could see again.

The school

In the Goodwill school approx. 50 children from the Kikuyu Slums are informed. They receive here also daily a meal. Without Henrys commitment the 3-6 year old children a chance would not have on training.

The children in Henrys Goodwill school are pleased if Henry it visited.

The cord factory

Henry has a small shop beside the Frisoergeschaeft of his Mrs. Myllow. Here two cord machines and Henry stand train blind as Stricker(innen). It helped so already many to make themselves useful in its family and contribute to the family income. Henry produces Pulover, caps and Strapelanzuege for small children. And delivers these things free of charge.

Henry was trained after its going blind in a CBM project as the cord master.

Goodwill Ambassador for Christian Blind Mission

Henry visits schools, also schools for the handicapped, which Low vision department in the Kikuyu hospital and humans at home, which by illness or accident from your normal life were torn. It tells its history and gives humans thereby again to courage their life to master. It told its history to already German High Schools. It has a lasting impression to leave also here. He helps the Christian Blind Mission raising money to help blind people all over the world.

Henry says to the blind boy: " you also can become a world champion."






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